Meet The Instructors

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   Hi! I am Emily, I opened this studio in 2021 as a means to grow, continue my practice and share my love of aerial and acro with the city!  I am certified in aerial hammock, acro for kids, and preschool acro.  My experience includes years of teaching kids and adults and producing performances with local events that include ages 5 and up.  Outside of teaching I have traveled across the states performing and perfecting the art.  

   My favorite apparatus is the aerial hammock though I practice and train on many more.  My favorite types of moves are dynamic and strength based poses and transitions.  

   I am currently teaching the kids classes at Sky Aerial Studios  and a few intermediate apparatus classes. I hope to fly with you soon! 

Instagram: @emiley.ann

Picture: 2019 Mississippi State Olympic Games



Hi, I'm Micah!

     I'm so excited to fly with you at Sky Aerial Studios! I'm my classes we focus on not only tricks and transitions, but also the animation that brings a dance sequence to life! If you like to get "dancy" my class is the class for you. Each week we will learn custom choreography that will have you feeling sassy, empowered and strong! I've been teaching aerial dance since June 2019 and I also have a more grounded dance background in teaching Zumba, African dance and Hip Hop as well.  Dance is my passion whether I'm flying high or moving and grooving on the floor. I love to encourage my students to grow, find their flow in class and express their creativity. 


        In my spare time, I'm at home with my pets operating as the owner of Eden Eye LLC head Astrologer and Intuitive reader. I'm a Pisces and I love cracking jokes in class, listening to music and cooking. One things I want to tell any of my future students is that my class is a safe space for you to laugh, have fun and not take yourself to seriously. Creativity is a priority.  Even when I'm not flying high I'm definately always vibing high and I can't wait to hang with you in class!


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Sam has not given us a bio to post yet so in the mean time enjoy this picture of her! She does teach aerial hammock on Thursdays if you would like to meet her in person! 





Ashley was introduced to aerial fitness in 2013 as a fun way to gain strength and improve flexibility. Over the years, she has trained on aerial silks, aerial hammock, and aerial hoop. She is a certified aerial hoop instructor and loves sharing her passion for aerial fitness!

Kas is our flow arts expert! she specializes in hula hoop but also plays around with different flow arts.  Full bio coming soon! She currently teaches Hula hoop class on Tuesdays at 6pm.




Brittney teaches intermediate aerial hammock on Mondays.   She is the go to person for any of those ridiculously bendy moves you may see.  She is also a certified yoga instructor.