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Have a Question? We Have Answers!

Major topics are covered below.  All additional questions/ concerns can be sent to


How much are classes?

Classes range from $10-25, depending on the class and/or if you purchase a package.  

What is your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

We do not accept walk-ins.  All classes must be pre-registered for.  We do not have cancellation fees.  If you choose to cancel your class or workshop within 8 hours of the class starting you will lose your class pass (or cost of the class).  For unlimited plans the cancellation fee is 10$ per class that is cancelled within 8 hours or did not show up to.  .  


Can I get a Refund if I do not use all my classes?

We do not offer refunds on any class, party or private - no exceptions! sorry! The only time a refund will be offered is if by the off chance we have to cancel a class.  All class passes have an expiration of a year.  It is up to you to plan accordingly to use them.  Our monthly passes expire in month, please be aware of this when purchasing. If a cancellation is made outside of the given time frame, credit will be given back to use to towards future purchases.  This includes workshops and classes.  

Low Enrollment

Session with only one or two participants could be cancelled.  Anyone pre-registered will be notified via email.  


We do offer occasional discounts and coupons for classes.  We do not offer discounts or coupons for workshops, privates, or parties.  



What should I wear for class?

Close fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you to have a full range of motion is required for all classes. It is recommended that you bring clothing to cover armpits, and legs.  More advanced  classes should bring socks/trapeze boots and elbow pads.  

Clothing with zippers, rivets, velcro or metal of any kind is not permitted this includes jeans, jackets, and zip up hoodies.   They can damage the apparatus or in more serious situations cause danger to yourself.  Loose clothing is also prohibited as it can get stuck or rip in the apparatus.  

Please remove all jewelry before attending class- this includes wedding bands, earrings, necklaces etc.  

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Please bring a water bottle, a small towel (for sweat), a yoga mat  for stretching (if taking a flexibility class).  

What are the gym rules?


This is a safe, fun place to train.  All safety measures must be followed or could result in being banned from the studio.  

1.  All students are required to work with a mat underneath them while utilizing aerial equipment.   

2. Absolutely no jewelry.

3.  You must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at anytime while participating!

4.  No eating or gum while participating in class.  

5.  No videos/pictures of others without permission.  Videos and pictures of yourself is fine.  


Anything Else?

Yess! Their is always more to add! below are a list of tips and reminders!

  • You were not born strong and flexible, we all have to work to get there.  The only way to get there is to continue classes!

  • Ask for help! Don't try that cool new Instagram video alone.  Many transitions are harder than they look.  Without the proper technique or spotting serious injuries can occur.  

COVID Policy-

  • If you are running a fever or exhibiting any Co-Vid 19 systems such as loss of taste, migraines, trouble breathing, etc.-protect yourself and your fellow aerialists and please stay home!

  • Please do not arrive more than ten minutes before your scheduled class time.  

  • Students must wash hands/ hand sanitize after blowing nose, sneezing, coughing or touching their face.

  • Remain at a 6ft+ distance from others at all times.  No sharing equipment unless within your immediate household.  

  • During this time individuals may not have guests/parents/etc. with them during class.  We have to keep a minimum number of individuals inside the building.  We promise to change this as soon as we are able too.  

  • We may no longer provide yoga mats, yoga blocks, straps, foam rollers or other shared equipment. Please bring your own if needed.  

                        This policy can change due to new restrictions and information.  

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